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Kyoto Convention Bureau works to promote and support meetings, conferences, incentives and like events in Kyoto the leading Japanese Convention City. This Website gives you a complete introduction to meeting event planning and operation in Kyoto. The contents are focused on the needs of the meeting planner and feature practical advice to ensure the realisation of the event that you are striving for. Kyoto Convention Bureau looks forward to working with you in the Culture Heart of Japan.

Japanese archaeology on yayoi culture. Definition, chronology, development of yayoi period and more!

Very nice selection of authentic quality japanese kimono, obi and children's kimono and happi coats. Also sells unique japanese gifts, sushi supplies, dishes and japanese garden ornaments.

Welcome to Japanese Kimono! Kimono, meaning clothing in Japanese, is perhaps one of Japan's most beautiful treasure. I would like to share with you the beauty of the japanese kimono, kimono fabric and pattern, types of japanese clothing, kimono culture and the history of the Japanese kimono.

Web based flash cards for words and expressions, with customizable topics.

Offers basic Chinese character learning online.

Would you like to learn japanese? Yes, this is the right place for you. Input any Japanese sentence you would like to know the meaning of. The tool shows you hiragana, katakana and alphabets for them. Also you can see images and meaning in English, which may help you learn the language.

Information about beautiful japanese rain chains. Rain chains are japanese rain gutters that provides a fountain like effect.

Wedding favors, party favors and paper lanterns. Lots of unique wedding ideas, party favor gift wrapping ideas, party decorating ideas and info about traditional japanese weddings and chinese weddings!

Illustrated essays on Japanese art, design, and techniques of traditional and modern Japanese woodblock prints.

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