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[Trend]About Japanese Beauty Salon

Popular, faoured beauticians---called a Charisma in Japan.
They are talented, skilled, and seems pretty cool,
so that there is a groupie who passionately adore Charisma;
they even been treated like a star in show businesses, too.

Omotesando, a place known as a city of fashion,
possesses over 400 beauty shops facing to the street.
Everyday, from young to old, Japanese women head on to salons,
though sometimes those famous ones make guests wait 6months or even more.

This is "AQUA", one of the popular shop owns Charismas.
Refer here--->>

In average, Japanese young women go to beauty salon every 1-2 months,
with budget of around $80 to $120 at once.

What is more, hair style trends changes every seasons.
People refer to specially featured in hair style magazines and website information prior to go.

Trend hairstyle, as a matter of course, tends to be those of stars (shown below) and such.

When wearing kimono, hairstyle becomes in a deluxe one;

Of course, Japanese men also favor to go to salon. Trends are such;

It may be a good idea to go to hairsalon in Japan when visiting.


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