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[Gourmet 001]Japanese Loves Ramen

Japanese Loves Ramen

Been sweaty and fogging up glass,
many Japanese supremely feel blissed to sip the slim noodle entagling with a heavily rich soup.
Sometimes you have to wait in a line of hundreds of people to eat at the popular ramen shop.
Cannot imagine to wait for that long time?
Well, for Japanese it's worthy enough to wait...they are really in love with ramen.

Ramen is originally from China, but grown up in Japan, now it's a part of her culture.
There are many locally customized ramen at each of area/prefectures everywhere in Japan.
If you go to a bookstore in Japan, definitely may find a specialized ramen-book guide.
Just like Americans eat Hamburger and such scene may seen in movies and films, Japanese eat ramen popularly.

Ramen soup has basically three tastes; Shoyu (soy sauce), Shio (salt), and Miso (soybean).
These are only base taste. Each of ramen is originally created in many ways, sometimes using pork as a stock.
Every single ramen has own characteristics, and it's tasty! Hope you try and find your own "love" ramen.

Prices are 500yen to 1200yen in average.
You can create your own favorite ramen with toppings (optional), too.

↓Hakata-Tonkotsu Ramen...Taste the delicious noodle in white pork broth (some say smells unique).

↓It is free to arrange your ramen with toppings on the table.

You can find more here...introducing worldwide ramens.

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