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While many hamburger-shops in the world campaign gigantic hamburgers, large-size foods had been merely an entertainment for Japanese people, which would never be seen in restaurants. However, with the coming out of “Mega-Mac”, MacDonald’s huge hamburger, large-size foods in an instant, became a hit among inquisitive Japanese.

“Tera” Buta-don (Bowl-Pork-rice) is a recent topic in the trade. Simmered pork placed mountainously on top of a bowl rice- I’m warning you: it’s not official. This Buta-don: exceeding the restaurant’s recommend Mega-Gyu-don, double the size of ordinary served Gyu-don, was cooked by a part-time cook in Yoshinoya- a popular Gyu-don (Bowl-Beef-rice) restaurant- just for his fun. The part-time cook shot while he cooked and broadcasted it on website.

However, it is still not a virtue to have fun using food in Japan. Yoshinoya got mad and fired him; this feast must have cost him too much.


  today's pick up title is.. “Tera” Buta-don (Pork-rice) against Mega-Gyu-don (Beef-rice)  

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